Standing 38 feet tall, Uncle Sam now overlooks Danbury from his new home at the Danbury Railway Museum.

It was a proud day in the city of Danbury as the iconic 38 foot tall Uncle Sam Statue returned to his city of distinction as a mammoth crane and a crew of workers bolted Sam in place after a 36-year absence.

According to the News Times, the city has some finishing touches scheduled for Uncle Sam, like the laying of a concrete base, building in lights and yes, signifying a special area to take Uncle Sam selfies.

When the Great Danbury State Fair closed up shop in 1981, the amusement park, Magic Forest in Lake George purchased Sam where he welcomed park goers until Danbury Mayor, Mark Boughton led the charge to get Sam back to his home base in Danbury.

Sam has been beautifully refurbished and now stands tall and proud at the Danbury Railroad Museum at 120 White Street in the old Danbury Train Station. Mayor Mark will make Uncle Sam official during a special dedication ceremony this summer.

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