It may have something to do with more people staying home or the anticipation of some UFO information being declassified, but a number of sightings have already been reported in a number of Connecticut towns.

Connecticut and Dutchess and Putnam counties are no strangers to UFO sightings. Over the years, there have been dozens of sightings in the region, but for some reason, 2021 is starting to shape up as a pretty busy year for unidentified flying objects in Connecticut.

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Now I know serious ufologists can't wait for the Director of National Intelligence to drop some data on everything the government knows about UFOs. That info, which was mandated to be released back in December, should be coming out in just months.

But in the meantime, according to, here are some of the Connecticut sightings so far in 2021:

Now a few of these sightings could have been some type of military operation, but on January 6 in Naugatuck, a resident saw an unusual looking bright ball of light, however it was followed by a large helicopter. A sighting in Willimantic in early February could also have some military ties as two triangle shaped crafts where spotted around Town Hall, meanwhile a lens flare is thought to be responsible for an Ellington sighting on the morning of January 22.

There's no rational explanation for what's happening in the skies over Bristol so far this year. There have been no less than five UFO reports filed in the last few months including a "perfect line of lights" above the Home Depot on March 16 and what someone said looked like an object with brilliant streaks falling from the sky on January 24. Then there was the lights traveling in a figure eight pattern on January 6.

Later in the morning hours of January 6, similar objects were spotted and reported  in Weston and Wolcott.

These reports are just the tip of the iceberg so far in 2021. If you think you've seen a UFO or had any close encounter recently, you should check out the NUARC database online and report what you have seen.

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