In June, the University of Connecticut introduced the world to Jonathan the XV, the school's mascot in-training.

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The puppy's debut happened on Wednesday June 28th at a UCONN Board of Trustees meeting and the reviews were immediately positive. It was announced that Jonathan the XV would begin his training alongside his big bro, Jonathan the XIV.

Huskies named Jonathan have represented the University of Connecticut since 1935. That tradition will continue with Jonathan #15 who is from Ontario Canada and was part of a 6-puppy litter according to UCONN Today.

Jonathan 15 looked like this in June.


The post was so popular that it was shared as part of a blog post on Barstool Sports and has over 270,000 views. The excitement over Jonathan XV had people questioning what will become of Jonathan XIV? The University says don't worry:

No need to fret: He isn’t going anywhere. As he approaches his 10th birthday in October, he’ll be easing into a mascot emeritus role and continue making appearances with his successor, just as Jonathan XIII did when XIV was introduced as a puppy in early 2014.

Both Jonathan 14 and 15 are purebred Siberian Huskies that UCONN Today says "are known for their energy and friendly, gentle demeanor." 

I want one. 

P.S. This dog is unquestionably going to have a better life than you or I can ever imagine.

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