A scary scene for travelers played out yesterday (November 18) when two tractor trailers collided and caught fire on the eastbound side of I-84.

According to the Connecticut State Police, the accident happened just before 5:00 AM when one of the trucks veered off the highway from the right lane near exit 17 in Middlebury and crashed into another tractor trailer that was pulled over in the shoulder dealing with a mechanical problem.

As the crash happened, both trucks caught fire, sending flames into the air that were impossible to contain. One of the trucks was burned completely down to the frame.

While one of the drivers was brought to Waterbury Hospital to be treated for a few minor injuries, the accident closed the westbound lane of I-84 until around 9:00 AM and the eastbound lane remained closed until around 2:00 PM.

The Middlebury Fire Dept., the Connecticut D.O.T., DEEP, and Connecticut State Police were all invilved in the recovery and removal process.

Police say the accident is still under investigation and no law enforcement has been taken as of yet.

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