As a kid, we didn't bother locking the doors at night or even when we left the house for a short time, like going out to a restaurant or a sporting event. Crazy right? Well, it was a small town in a fly-over state, and it was the 1970s. Rest assured, as time went on, doors had to be locked at night and also when you left for any real amount of time. I guess you could say, it was the natural evolution of small-town life.

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That was a long time ago and a lot of states away, so we ask the question, just how safe is our area of Connecticut? According to a report from Safewise, it's not too bad at all. We like analytics around here, we like them almost to a point of obsession, and the report took into account a lot of information and analytics to come up with the "safest" cities in the state of Connecticut.

From the report, 46 Connecticut cities were able to be considered and met the criteria. The criteria are made up of a myriad of factors including FBI statistics, local police reports, surveys, demographic information, population thresholds, and more. Add all of that up and drumroll please.. the #1 safest place to live in Connecticut is...Newtown!

Facebook/Newtown City Hall
Facebook/Newtown City Hall

That's right kids, with a population of 27,924, Newtown is the safest city to live in Connecticut. What do you think Newtown residents?

Here are the top 10 safest cities in Connecticut, according to the report by Safewise:

1. Newtown:  Population 27,924

2. Ridgefield:  Population 24,990

3. Simsbury: Population 25,614

4. Cheshire: Population 28,897

5. Wallingford: Population 44,236

6. Greenwich: Population 63,012

7. Westport: Population 28,728

8. New Milford: Population 26,668

9. Shelton: Population 41,302

10. Guilford: Population 22,106

Others in the top 20 include Danbury at #13, Torrington at #14, and Middletown at #15.

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Connecticut vs The World

I love those "The rest of the world____ , Nobody-" memes. They show that someone was thinking differently, or independently from the rest of the world. Who has done that in Connecticut over the years? Here's a few examples:

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Recently, I saw a new Reddit post, in the Danbury group, where someone said they were moving to the area, and wanted the pros and cons. The post read: "Moving to Danbury: Just got a job offer in Danbury. What's the good and bad of living in or around Danbury? Any good day cares?" That post came from u/bazookadog and these were some of the responses from area residents:

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