Good news out of Waterbury. Two arrests have been made and a third person is being sought in connection with this unconscionable act of vandalism of a cross.

A few weeks ago Holy Land in Waterbury Connecticut was vandalized. Green spray paint was used to defame the cross with pentagrams, other symbols and obscenities. While I have never visited the property, I see the giant cross twice a day during my commute to work. I'm not lying when I tell you seeing the huge cross warms my heart and makes me smile every time. The symbol is amazing to me.

I'd like to think that there are some things held in such regard that they are untouchable, but sadly we all know that's not true.

Now according to  two teens, male and female, have been arrested and are facing charges for allegedly vandalizing the Holy Land cross. A third person is still being sought.

While making the perpetrators of the act clean it up would be a great outcome, I'm sure that would be a long time coming. There is no estimate for what the cost of clean up would be, but the owners of Holy Land have a donation page if you'd like to help them raise money. Go to

In case you didn't know, there was once a theme park on the site in Waterbury Connecticut called Holy Land USA and here's a great video view.

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