Wanna embarrass your family and possibly get arrested? I have the perfect short for you.Introducing the "Turbo Men's Jean Short Water Polo Brief."

The "Turbo Men's Jean Short Water Polo Brief" is sold by Swim Outlet for the low, low price of $58.56. You can also have it delivered in a gift basket for $3.99, it is after-all the gift that keeps on giving and giving heap loads of eyeball pain.

What is the product description? I'm glad you asked, they list it as follows:

Bring your laid-back style to practice with the Turbo Men's Jean Short Water Polo Brief. This ironic suit features a durable, double layered design that is perfect for your next practice.

I appreciate irony as much as the next guy but we've really reduced comedic irony to zero, haven't we? Is that all it takes? Show up looking stupid, being zany? Being wacky and crazy.

A bit of a niche market, wouldn't you say? Let's see what size of slice of pizza this company has left itself with, let's count the fractures:

  • Men
  • Brave or crazy
  • Polo players
  • Someone who can waste $58.56

What are we left with?

90sFEST Pop Culture And Music Festival
Brad Barket

Oh, wait, no. Pauly Shore just called me and said he doesn't play polo, not since MTV's Spring Break, Daytona Beach 1992. That was a big year for both Pauly and MTV.

DISCLAIMER - "Turbo Men's Jean Short Water Polo Brief" may cause bleeding from the eye piece, disorderly conduct charges or being asked to please leave church. OK, that's not a real disclaimer, but it should be.

Summer is coming y'all, get your beach body ready. You might want to be in top physical condition so you can run away from someone wearing this on the beach.

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