A social media post from the Brookfield Police Department depicted a potentially scary incident that occured Tuesday (Jan. 3).

Apparently, a train that may have been carrying garbage and debris from a construction site had a few cars derail from a section of straight track located in a wooded area of Brookfield.

Thankfully, the load that the cars were carrying remained within the cars, no personal injuries have been reported, and there seems to have been no hazardous material on board.

The BPD's social media post says that railroad officials are currently on the scene, evaluating the situation. From there, they should be able to figure out how and when the repairs will be made.

This derailment comes on the heels of a ctpost.com article from last week that says that the numbers are in, and both Connecticut tax payers and Metro-North will be paying almost $17,000,000 in train car repairs stemming from the tragic derailment in Bridgeport back in 2013 that injured 75 people. Thankfully, this incident is no where near that magnitude.

I think the fine folks who are working on the Brookfield scene right now, should take some advice from the old-school Black Sheep party anthem from  '91 -- "If my train goes off the track, pick it up, pick, it pick it up!"

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