Top Signs you are an Ethan and Lou Morning Show Fan: 

  1. You've been thrown out of better places than this!
  2. When someone mentions the State of Florida, you cannot help but say "Florida You Say?" no matter how bad this will derail the entire conversation.
  3. You can't listen to anything written by or featuring musician Michael McDonald without thinking of Lou's "Chicken on the Go Bars." Chicken on the Go," Peanuts, caramel, nougat, chicken and Michael McDonald.
  4. When you hear the word wet, you immediately hear the word wild in your head.
  5. You'll be ten minutes late to work to catch the entire Missed Headlines segment.
  6. Any time you hear a person or brag or tell you what to do, you ask them if they think they are a "tough guy?"
  7. You refer to the Governor of Connecticut as either Ned "The Head" Lamont or "Needle-nose Ned."
  8. Listening to Classic Rock songs followed by an endless stream of hip-hop references makes perfect sense to your brain.
  9. You know there is a Seinfeld reference for literally every situation in life.
  10. You know at least three of Ethan's nicknames which include but are not limited to; Alfred Butts, Alfred Jefferson Butts, The Cooker, Bagel Samurai, Big Zen, Big Hawaii, Phil Collins, Goon and Jimmy.
  11. When you hear you "Hold The Line" by Toto, you instead sing "Mow the Lawn."
    If someone tells you "There's a block party going on" you scream "I don't care" with rage in your voice and heart.
  12. You know that your neck is called a "neck piece" and your head is called a "head piece."
  13. You threaten to burn buildings to the ground or hit people in the face with tube socks filled with ball barings.
  14. You know the weekend is for clapping cheeks, givin' em' the goods and taking it down to Chinatown.
  15. Any mention of Ridgefield, CT sparks a discussion about fire, baseball and cover-ups.
  16. You are a person who can discuss live or dead chickens at great length.
  17. You know, no matter how many times we say we will have Scott Baio, Jim J. Bullock or the Miami Sound Machine on the show, it's never going to happen.
  18. You know when Ethan starts singing "Mustang Sally" at karaoke, it's time we all leave and have a smoke.
  19. You are a huge fan of spite.
  20. You know so much about Dudleytown.

If three or more of these sentences describe you, you are a tried and true fan. If you need any clarification on what any of them mean, just listen harder.

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