I heard it was coming but when I got to work this morning and sat down at my computer I was flooded with reminders that it's real. This thing is trending all over the place and for good reason Top Gun rocks.

I'm past complaining about Hollywood regurgitating old ideas, this is the reality of our situation so I am embracing it. I'll just sit around waiting for MY favorites to be spewed right back at me.

Top Gun is one of those movies. If you watch it today, you are going to smile. It's not the world's best writing, the story is just full surface area and the characters are not at all complex. It just scratches all of my favorite superficial movie itches.

I'm ready for the ten million dollar Tom Cruise smile that covers oh so much pain and weirdness. I'm ready to "Buzz the Tower." I am ready for an adrenaline ride. I am ready for Top Gun 2.

Now I am going to tell you exactly how it's gonna play out here.

  • Tom Cruise AKA "Maverick" is now much older so he cannot be a rebel still. He's the old dog now so he has to be like the "Viper" type AKA Tom Skerritt. He still has this little river of danger in him but he's the boss now, he needs to be about rules and regulations. He is behind a desk pushing papers and running the show.
  • In comes the new crew of young pilots, two are extremely talented and rebellious. These two pilots are played by Channing Tatum and another Channing Tatum type. They respect one another but they are constantly pushing one another's buttons. One of these two "hot dogs" is "Goose's" son. That's right "Goose" AKA Anthony Edwards son is now training under "Maverick."
  • The two young guys battle back and forth while the one struggles with growing up without a dad. "Maverick" tries to get the kid under control and explain to him this is not the kind of man his father was.
  • After rules are broken, relationships are tested and some side love story winds down, training is completed. The two "young bucks" are now ready for real combat. They head straight into a conflict with the one young man having flashbacks from his recently destroyed relationship and quick flashes of his dad. All of this going on while he's in a live "dog fight."
  • Once the young man snaps out of it, he breaks protocol, makes a mistake and puts him and his brothers in grave danger. ENTER F------ MAVERICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's out from behind the desk in the cockpit saving the day. All of the sudden something mechanical happens with Mav's jet, it's completely out of his control and the kid saves the teacher.


Cut to airfield 

We see the jets pull onto the airfield.

Cut to the showers

Contemplative heroes shower. Naked dudes in quiet reflection as far as the eye can see.

Cut to hallway

Long shot in hallway, shadows of our heroes grow as they pass over the freshly waxed floor, no one speaks.

Cut to the airfield

Wide shot - Maverick and Goose's son stand alone.

Cut to airfield closeup

Mav and Goose Jr. stand smiling at one another. Their hair is fully wet from the shower, no one dried off properly. They are both wearing blue jeans and t-shirts. Maverick is sporting his bomber jacket on top. They take a beat, smile harder and embrace.

Cut to airfield wide shot

Two dudes just hugging as the sun begins to set, they hug way too long.

Cut back to closeup

Mav grabs kids shoulders with both hands and shakes them while smiling in a super weird way, this is vintage Tom Cruise behavior.

Cut to over the shoulder shot, camera over Goose Jr.'s shoulder towards Maverick

Maverick walks away towards his motorcycle, the kid says: "Why did you save me?" Maverick stops, turns toward little Goose.

Cut to Mav closeup 

He smiles and says something awesome. It's "a callback" to an earlier scene where the two had an intimate disagreement, likely while they were whispering and standing way too close to one another at the time.

Cut to closeup of Goose Jr. 

He smiles, then laughs, it's super sexy.

Cut back to Maverick now on his motorcycle. Camera stays here. 

Maverick smiles for 5,433rd time, drives away, the bike speeds over the airfield slowly disappearing under the heatwaves coming off the airfield and the sun completely setting in the distance.

Cue Kenny Loggins

Fade to Black





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