Halloween is right around the corner and you may be thinking what should I wear? If you are going the sexy route let me share with you my research on the matter. These are my top 7 sexiest for 2019:



"Let's Get Into Physical" costume from Yandy may have the record for the longest Halloween costume name in the world. You can call it whatever you want, I don't care cause it's bringing the heat. It will run you $54.95 but may be the best money you will ever spend.



Classics are classics and few can top the School girl outfit. Yandy has this one available for $26.95. This aggressive ensemble will most definitely draw a crowd and have other women calling you names behind your back.



Did I mention classics are classics? This one is an affordable $34.95 from Yandy and will be dropping jaws like one might read about, if anyone ever wrote about jaws dropping.


Yandy 5

If you are going to dress like an actual hooker let it be the hooker with the heart of gold. This Julia Roberts "Pretty Woman" knock off from Yandy will do the trick and will cost you a measly $67.95.



This is Yandy's "Right to Remain Silent" costume and will run you $33.95. You will not be silent in this costume because you spend the entire night explaining to people what you are but you are going to look damn good doing it.



This is extremely appropriate for any CT resident, you get to BE taxes for Halloween. Get Yandy's "Sexy Tariff" costume for the low, low price of $59.95.



Its Halloween so there will be fake cats as far as the eye can see. If you are going the cat route, you are going to want to set yourself apart from the crows and the Yandy "Frightening Feline Costume" will do just that for $69.99.

In case your wondering this is not a paid promotional ad for Yandy. I just did my research and they seem to be the top dog in sexual costumes. You will also notice most of my picks here don't include hats, I don't like sexy lady costumes with hats. Enough with the hats.