This guy was electric on Saturday. I did not watch the Royal Wedding but I made it a point to go on Youtube afterwards and see Mr. Tony Appleton do his yelling in the street business. I remembered him from the last wedding and I've been hooked on his work ever since.

Appleton was a Royal Navy vet from the Korean War, worked in South Africa dredging diamonds and owned a carpet shop all before training to become a toastmaster. That training was time well spent. This guy can shout things in the street like nobody's business.

It's an odd job but a cool one if you ask me. You get dressed like a pimp, hit the streets, yell some crap out at the top of your lungs and your workday is over. I can't imagine what the compensation is or if there is any at all but it seems fun.

One of two things needs to happen now. Either, I need to train to be a Town Crier or we need Tony Appleton to be our Town Crier at Ethan and Lou radio station events. If I can't make one of those things happen, I will have led an incomplete life.

Oh yeah, Oh yeah! How many "belts" you think he took on his way out of the house?

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