Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee has a well-documented love of playing under extreme conditions, and it's gotten him in trouble a few times — including on Oct. 12, 2005, when a pyrotechnics stunt gone wrong sent him to the hospital and cut the band's show short.

Billboard reported on the incident, which took place during a visit to Casper, Wyo., and occurred fairly late in the band's second set. According to a reporter on the scene, "Lee appeared to be injured when sparks began flying as he swung above the stage suspended from a wire, back and forth between several drum sets."

Suffering from "superficial burns on his arms and face," Lee tried toughing it out and finishing the rest of the show, but as singer Vince Neil told People, "He didn't look good while the paramedics were treating him backstage, so we chose to err on the side of caution and send him to the hospital."

Fortunately, Lee's injuries were nowhere near as serious as they could have been; after a brief visit to the Wyoming Medical Center, he was released, and got himself back behind the kit in time for the band's next tour stop in Bismarck on Oct. 14.

As many Crüe fans are aware, this wasn't the first time one of Lee's stunt went awry and ended a show early. In 1990, he narrowly dodged another scary injury when he fell during one of his "flying drum solos" and took a 20-foot spill onto his head. As anyone who's watched his current "Crüecifly" drum stunt can attest, neither incident was enough to slow Lee down.



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