Go home Rock, you have lifted far too much and need to leave some muscles for the rest of us. This guy lifted his security gate out of the ground a couple weeks back and no one blinked but it's time to explain to Dwayne that his stuff is too much. Rock, your  latissimus dorsi is blocking out the friggin' sun.

Kevin Hart was on this long ago, there are some guys in the gym that can stop now, you won and Dwayne is one of these guys. Warning: "bad words" in clip below, if that is not your thing please move on. 

T-Mobile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!

Few people in Hollywood are more likable than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The guy very obviously works hard, cares about his friends, remains active politically/socially and is not afraid to apologize for a mistake or even a bad movie.

It starts to become hard to relate to a dude when his muscles go beyond a certain level and "The Rock" blew through that stop sign like 15 miles ago. Dude, you are "swole," "yoked AF" and "jacked up from the lower back up."

What can I say, except your welcome!

I mean it, he lifted his security gate out of the ground and out of the wall to get to work, no big deal right?

No, it's really a big deal and if he's not lying/exaggerating I am dead on nuts, dude is too strong for his own good, You should not be able to mangle steel like an elephant.

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