Reddit has quickly become my favorite place to find weird laughs and hilarious topics related to the State of Connecticut.

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Just last week, I found such a laugh in a TikTok video that was intended to confuse and infuriate. The video was on the CT Reddit page and was titled: "Bridgeport makes up majority of the wealth in CT - change my mind." Posted by u/Taker52, the clip is a visual tour of some extremely expensive homes.

Then Reddit reacted.

notablyunfamous wrote:

"Not a chance."

CaptainAlliance said:

"This dude really drove by Fairfield and thought it was Bridgeport, lmao."

tecnic111 wrote:

"Imagine thinking that the majority of Connecticut's wealth is in Bridgeport!!! Op doesn't have a clue!!!"


"This gotta be the black rock section of Bridgeport."


"Do you even CT bro?"


"Maybe for crackheads."

BeerJunky understood what was going on, and wrote:

"Wow, most of the comments have no idea this is sarcasm and obviously a joke. Clearly this video was from Greenwich or something like that."


"Seriously lol people are mad uptight about it. HOW DARE YOU SAY BPT HAS WEALTH !!!"


"It also has the poorest, slummiest crime ridden areas of CT. Would rather live in Somers."


"Somers CT? That’s literally redneck town."


"Yeah, no, Bridgeport is the one part of Fairfield County that isn’t rich."


"Do people from CT not pick up on sarcasm?"


"Not even remotely close."


"Damn! For some reason I thought Bridgeport was kind of a poor neighborhood."

Some of the most effective social media posts are from people who are blatantly and intentionally wrong. For example, a person might post, "I love that John Mellencamp song "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant", it's going to get legs. People will interact with that all day long because it provides them an opportunity to correct someone else. That is when the really funny engagement comes.

But, as much as I love watching these type posts, play out, I can't bring myself to create one. I don't have the patience to deal with people who don't get it long after it's been made clear what is going on. Maybe I'll just post and ghost?

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