Coming up with a new idea for dinner each night is maddening.

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My wife and I are constantly struggling with this exercise so dinner recommendations are always welcome. If you are out in the dating pool, it's probably even more difficult. Not only are you trying to find a decent meal but you're hoping to impress another human being.

Excellent date night restaurants are hard to come by but one Tik Tok personality went out and found a bunch of them. Her user name on Tik Tok is @sistersnacking and she shared a video called "CT Date Spots Coming at You" with 11 great options throughout the State of Connecticut.

@sistersnacking CT date spots coming at you!! #sistersnacking #ct #ctfoodie #ctfood #connecticut #datenight ♬ original sound - Sistersnacking


I did some research into these places and the whole list appears to be really good, these spots have stellar reputations but these are not cheap places to eat. But you know what they say, you get what you pay for.

P.S. I'm married but am I allowed to go on dates just for the food? Probably not.

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Aurora Photography

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