You've been stuck on an airplane for four hours.

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The delays keep coming, as the in-flight crew assures you again and again that you will leave soon. Your rear-end is starting to hurt, you've run out of snacks and things to read. You start asking the flight attendant why can't you let us get off the plane to wait?

We've all been there before, it's a miserable situation. Just when you think you can't take it anymore, one of the flight attendants begin to perform their favorite song and you see red.

That is what happened to one couple recently on a Southwest Flight and they got it on camera. The social media video was tagged: "I can't make this up. This is our flight right now after being delayed for four hours." The video was posted to Tik-Tok by on April 4, 2022. it’s a BOOKED flight too #UnsealTheMeal #southwestairlines #springbreak #icantmakethisup ♬ original sound - SUMMER LOWE

Watching that made me angry and I see multiple problems here but one group of people to blame, the people who are clapping. I cannot blame the flight attendant, it's not her fault. She saw an opening with a captive audience, and took it. Some might even argue, she was going above and beyond for her customers.

The people who are clapping are the ones that keep putting us in this position. If you'd stop doing that, these off-off-Broadway performer-flight attendants will get the message and stop making us listen to them.

STOP. CLAPPING. I don't care how uncomfortable or cringey you feel, we need to take a stand.

P.S. Her song choice was as bad as it gets, but she has a lovely voice. 

P.S. 2 I was once on a Jet Blue flight, we were delayed and stuck on the plane, my TV was broken and the pilot played the harmonica and sang the blues over the loud speaker. It was a loooong flight. 

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