That is my daughter Vida doing incredibly cute things. She's an amazing critter making her dad cry like a baby almost everyday, doing the world's sweetest things. Last night she did something I will NEVER forget.

I spilled a giant cup of water on the kitchen floor, while muttering under my breath and cleaning it she asked: "What are you doing Daddy?" Now, I wanna be clear, you have to "speak Vida" but she did indeed say that. I replied, "I'm cleaning my mess." She then walked to the couch patted the cushion and said, "No, sit down daddy."

Boom, instant water works. Not only is this kid developmentally ahead of where she needs to be but she wants her dad to take a load off and rest after a long day. This dad stuff is not easy, it's exhausting and a little scary. It's also the best thing I have ever done times four.

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