When Greg Bird was in the Yankee farm system, everyone in the baseball world was drooling over him. The Yankees were certain he was the longtime answer at 1st base. I loved him, the minute I laid eyes on him. Lefty, smooth swing, decent glove, dimples like you read about, yup the future looks bright.

Greg Bird is hurt again and on the injured list. This time Greg has a plantar fascia tear in his left foot. That's been the story on Greg, he's hurt, all the time. When he's not hurt, he is underachieving.

His home run off of Andrew Miller in the 2017 ALDS showed me that this guy has the icy veins and has the ability to take top level guys deep in a big spot.

It's looking like that will be IT. The only real moment in what could have been a great Yankee career. The fact is, he's been bad when he's healthy and he's not healthy all that often. Top that off with Luke Voit outplaying him since he's been here and I think it's over.

If that's not enough the Yankees are bringing up Mike Ford. Ford has never done anything at the Major League level but he has been tearing it up at AAA and now has a chance to compete with Voit in "the bigs."

Ford's numbers at Triple A this season:

10 games, 39 at bats, 10 runs, 16 hits, 5 HR's, 14 RBI's and an OBP of .467

It does not mean that will translate at the Major League level but if he comes close to those numbers we may never see Bird again.

Birds's career Yankee numbers (starting 2015):

He's played in 186 games - TERRIBLE




All of those numbers fall short of the promise he had by a a lot. I defended him right up until a few weeks ago. I like the guy, he's one of my guys, one of the dudes I was really rooting for. He just has not gotten the job done. I'm sad because I believe it's over.



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