It's only their's neither right nor wrong......but it's always interesting.

The name of the podcast is called Three Sides Of The Coin, a nod to an obscure Ace Frehley-sung KISS track of a similar name from their 1980 album Unmasked. The theme is all things KISS spoken honestly and unapologetically by three guys who are self-proclaimed KISS geeks like myself. What sets it apart from most KISS-related projects, however, is that neither Gene Simmons nor Paul Stanley have any ownership of the show and have no say in what the hosts talk about whether it be good or bad, right or wrong.

With well over 60 episodes under their belt, hosts Michael Brandvold, Tommy Sommers and a third host (to be announced after the recent departure of one-time podcast member Mitch Lafon) has picked up some serious traction in not just the podcast world but the KISS world. So much so that they've pulled in some pretty damn cool guests like long-time KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick and veteran New York DJ and host of VH1 Classic's That Metal Show Eddie Trunk who has proudly waved the KISS flag for three decades.

Check out their website at and below is a very cool episode where the guys interviewed Eddie Trunk about The Hottest Band In The World....KISS!!!!

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