I don't know about you, but a challenging corn maze scares the living bejesus out of me. Don't laugh, but through the years, I've had terrifying nightmares about becoming hopelessly lost in the middle of the night, attempting to find my way out in the blinding darkness.

When I discovered this article about a Connecticut corn maze being named one of the ten best in America by timeout.com, I knew it was time to confront my fear head-on. The question is, "Will I give this Connecticut corn maze a try? Absolutely NOT, but for all of you who love the challenge of one of the best corn mazes in the USA, follow me to the #10 ranked corn maze in America, Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm's Corn Maze in Sterling, Connecticut. Check out 'The Top 10 Corn Mazes in America' for 2023..

10 of America's Best Corn Mazes...

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