Whenever I write about ridiculous fashion, I'm always excited to see who will be "triggered" more, the folks who will buy the items in question, or the ones I say will buy it. To save you the suspense, it's usually a tie that delivers on outrage in the most splendid way possible. Let's put a pin in the generalizations and circle back later.

From the folks who brought you 2019's "Women Sexy Cut Off Low Waist Denim" comes the "Plus Size Flip Sequin Basketball Shorts." Yandy is selling these shorts for both men and women for the low, low price of your pride and $34.90.

Are you a person whose never played basketball and you want to look it? Do you know where to get "clean urine" for a drug test? Are you someone that believes that "Burning Man" is way too commercial now? If you answered yes to any of my questions, these are the shorts for you.

Here's what Yandy had to say about these once in a lifetime shorts:

Go anything but casual in these fun basketball shorts featuring an allover flip sequin design, an elastic waistband, loose legs, and is fully lined. (Shorts only.)

Shorts only? That's an unexpected and rude turn. How will I complete my outfit without a top that looks like a wet Care Bear fart? I guess I'll need to dig deeper into the Yandy Universe so I can match. After-all, I wouldn't want to look ridiculous.

Act now while supplies last, only a select few will be able to get their hands on these shorts this summer and disappoint their parents in front of all their friends.

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