This team played above expectations and gave Yankee fans everywhere a fun ride.

That being said, they missed a one-time opportunity that will not present itself again. They missed their only shot to sneak up on everyone. They missed their one shot at winning as an underdog.

Will they be back in the ALCS again soon? I think so. Will they make the Wold Series over the next five years? I think they will. Will they win the whole thing soon? Yes, I think in the next five years, the Yankees will bring it home. They will not, however, have the chance to do it again as the underdog. From here on in, they will be under immense pressure. They will be expected to be right there every year.

That, to me, is the most upsetting thing about this season ending. We may never see that loose, fun team acting like a loose, fun team again. Non Yankee fans are always critical of the Yankee players for looking "all business." They are that way because years of expectation hardens them and turns them into emotionless machines.

I hope that does not happen to this team, but it's a likely side effect of the attention to come. Derek Jeter, since retiring, will talk often about not really enjoying "the moment." He would talk about "being relieved" when they won, not elated. I am paraphrasing, but it was something he did address. Hopefully they continue to play care-free. It all remains to be seen.

As a Yankee fan, 2017 was one of my favorite seasons, it was a lot of fun. I want to thank Joe Girardi, Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Didi Gregorious, Brett Gardner, CC Sabathia, Todd Frazier and company for giving me an awesome team to root for that was talented and likable.

Now, the World Series starts tomorrow between the Dodgers and Astros. I will not watch but I'll be rooting from afar for the Dodgers to hopefully dismantle the Astros. Here is a song for Jose Altuve.

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