I grew up in video game arcades, and I still love blowing $40 in quarters on a lazy Saturday. Trouble is, most of the arcades are long gone. But, did you know that the largest arcade in the world is located in Northern New England? A short day-trip from anywhere in Connecticut?

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Funspot is located in Laconia, New Hampshire and it's home to The American Classic Arcade Museum. Over 250+ functioning stand-up, coin-operated classic video games have been lovingly restored to their full glory, and operate 7 days a week. Where in the world can you find Berzerk, Missile Command, Pong, Defender, all of the Donkey Kong and Pac-Man games? Funspot. Or, you could drop $2,500 on a multigame system on Amazon, but what fun is that? You still won't get some of the classic games that they have here.

If you're a child of the 1970's-90's, it's like stepping into a dream. All of the old sounds that you haven't heard hit you like a truck. I can't tell you how many time I cried out "Oh my God" as I rounded a corner and found a lost treasure. If you're an old-school arcade dog like me, make the trip this summer. Here, check out the place.

The World's Largest Arcade is a Day Trip Away Connecticut

I spent most of the 1970's, 80's, and 90's playing coin-operated video games in arcades. I loved it. Did you know that the largest arcade in the world is in New England? It's within a wonderful daytrip from anywhere in Connecticut.

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