The story behind Layla is one of the more well known among Rock and Roll fans. The inspiration behind the song was a woman named Pattie Boyd. When it was written by Eric Clapton it was directed at Pattie. That's normal, right? A man loves a woman and writes her a song. One problem, Pattie was George Harrison's wife at the time. George and Eric were band mates and close friends, not weird at all.

"Maggie May"

Rod Stewart's "Maggie May" was about the older woman who deflowered him at the 1961 Beaulieu Jazz Festival. He detailed the encounter in his autobiography and said it was all over "in a few seconds." He's brave enough to admit it. That must of been some lady.


In "The Kinks" autobiography Ray Davies said he wrote the song after the band's manager got drunk one night at a club and danced the night away with a transvestite. We've all been there, right? No? OK, yeah, me neither.

We are going to the phones tomorrow on the Ethan and Lou show to talk about the rest of the women behind the great Rock songs. Tell us your favorite

Do you know the women behind these songs:

  • "Beth"
  • "Angie"
  • "Sweet Judy Blue Eyes"
  • "Rosanna"
  • "Sweet Caroline"
  • "Rhiannon"

whattya say, whattya know!?

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