In November of 2016, Emilia Worth told her classmates at Kent School, a private boarding school in Kent, CT, that she was transgender.

On January 28, Emilia went to her special place at Kent School, where she would go to reflect and find peace. It was in that place where she took her life. Her friends at Kent School told the NewsTimes:

She was just a role model for everybody. She was everybody's friend!

Emilia was a class representative each of her four years at Kent School and was voted in as a student leader in her senior year by both students and faculty. She was also applying to colleges during the last days of her life. Her friends also told the NewsTimes:

She was the most amazing, genuine person. She stood up for everybody.

Even with all the support and love from her friends, family, and classmates, Emilia suffered from Suicidal Depression, which her mom, Elsa, claimed took her life. According to a survey by the National Center for Transgender Equality, 40% of transgender people claim they have attempted suicide in their lifetime. May Emilia rest in peace and may her life be a blessing. To all of Emilia's friends, family, and classmates at Kent School, all of us here at I-95 are so sorry for your loss.

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