Steve Perry doesn't always have to come to you with open arms.

As we get closer to the night Journey finally gets inducted into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, here is a reminder that for every tear-shedding ballad there's a fist-pumping rocker in Journey's arsenal of songs.

These are the top ten Journey songs that rock. You can put your BIC lighters away, you won't need 'em.

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    "Keep On Runnin'"

    On Journey's seventh studio album, 1981's 'Escape', the band is unbelievably tight and "Keep On Runnin'" is proof of that. Neal Schon drives home this song with a pulsating riff accentuated by drummer Steve Smith's mastery of percussion.

    As for Steve Perry? He reaches high notes on this song that other singers need to scream to reach yet he sounds like he's barely breaking a sweat. The man is truly a freak of nature.

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    "Be Good To Yourself"

    This Journey classic was written during a difficult time in Steve Perry's life. With his mother's health in serious decline and a relationship at home on its last legs he would find himself in need of life affirming messages. One of his mantras was, "Be good to yourself". It was keyboardist Jonathan Cain who jotted the phrase down in his notes after hearing it.

    Cain eventually came up with the lyrics and melody and the result is this hard driving rocker sung by a man who was in desperate need of a spiritual uplift.

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    The title track to 1981’s ‘Escape’ album is highlighted by Journey’s high powered rhythm section of Neil Schon (guitar), Ross Valory (bass) and Steve Smith (drums).

    This is also the first album to feature keyboardist Jonathan Cain. Add Steve Perry on vocals and you’ve got Journey’s best lineup to date.

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    "Edge Of The Blade"

    Just as “Faithfully” will make you feel all warm inside, “Edge Of The Blade” cuts right through those heart strings.

    This is an aggressive, high-adrenaline rock track that proved to the doubters that Journey could tear it up when they wanted to.

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    "La Do Da"

    This hard-driving musical journey (no pun intended) comes from the band’s first album featuring Steve Perry on vocals – 1978’s ‘Infinity’.

    “La Do Da” starts off with Neal Schon’s heavy riffing over Aynsley Dunbar’s locomotive drum beat, transitions to Steve Perry’s arena-rocking chorus and insanely inhuman high note before ending with more of Dunbar’s heavy pounding. Somethin’ about this song really knocks me off my feet!

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    "Line Of Fire (Live)"

    I have to go with the live version of “Line Of Fire” off of the 1981 album ‘Captured’. As great as the studio version is from 1980’s ‘Departure’ the live version is even better.

    The rhythm section of Neal Schon, Ross Valory (bass) and Steve Smith (drums) is on full display once again here and how about Schon’s mind-roasting guitar solo on this track? You could say he is on "fire".

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    "Chain Reaction"

    Here’s a hard ‘n’ heavy Journey rocker that has some serious aggression and attitude. Neil Schon’s guitar riff chugs along like a steam locomotive.

    It's interesting to see the video all these years later knowing that Schon and Steve Perry had a relationship that was quite contentious at times. It looks like Steve and Neil are letting off some of serious steam of their own.

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    "Stone In Love"

    Neal Schon channels AC/DC’s Angus Young on this classic rocker from the 1981 ‘Departure’ album.

    It would be no surprise if this riff was, in fact, inspired by Angus since Journey supported AC/DC on their 1979 “Highway To Hell” tour. They even dedicated their 1981 live album ‘Captured’ to their “friend from the highway” Bon Scott in the liner notes.

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    "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)"

    This top-ten single from 1983's 'Frontiers' album has gone on to become one of Journey's signature hard rocking songs.

    "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" was written by keyboardist Jonathan Cain and Steve Perry backstage during the band's 1982 tour. They completed the lyrics the following day. Just two days to write a song that will go on as a timeless rock and roll classic.

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    "Any Way You Want It"

    She loves to move, she loves to groove. This song does both and then some. This was a top 40 single for Journey in 1980 and remains a FM rock radio staple to this day. If Rodney Dangerfield thinks this song rocks than this song ROCKS! Let's dance!

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