Google released a list of some of the most searched words and terms of the year and according to Social Media Today the term Disney Plus ranked high in many of their categories. In fact, it was the most searched term of 2019. That's pretty impressive considering the launch of Disney Plus was on the latter half of the year.

Cameron Boyce, Nippsey Hussle, Hurricane Dorian and Antonio Brown rounded out the rest of the top 5, in that order. Antonio Brown, look at you pal, sure you destroyed your career but you'll always be the fifth searched term of 2019. Way to go ass-face!

In the category titled "What is," the whole world was searching the same thing in 2019, everyone wanted to know What is....Area 51. There was also widespread confusion about what a Mandalorian is and people needed to know what a "boomer" is.

That was pretty much our entire year, we watched a football player nuke his career, were researching a TV streaming service and looked into Area 51. How the hell do you not know what Area 51 is before 2019? I really have a hard time wrapping my head around this, how can a person with a head not have a basic understanding of Area 51?

P.S. "What is a Mandalorian? " The answer to that question is more complex than most people are ready for, unless you're really into it you may wanna skip that search, it will cost you the rest of your afternoon. 

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