Do you think there are otherworldly beings among us? Have they perhaps penetrated our atmosphere simply to check us out?

I recently searched youtube for videos of UFO sightings over Connecticut and found dozens, but not one of them made me a believer. I confess that I've never seen or had an encounter with a UFO or any type of alien being. I've never been beamed up by a spaceship, where I was poked and prodded or had my prostate checked, and then dropped off in an empty field in Harrodsburg, Kentucky.

Let's take a look at five YouTube videos that claim they witnessed a UFO over Connecticut. This first video was taken in New Milford on October 6, 2011:

After viewing this video, I suspect that the individual filming this was holding an expensive kaleidoscope in front of the camera lens or got his hands on some Maui Waui weed, which is known to cause the user to see colors.

This next video was taken on December 29, 2014 in Old Saybrook during daylight hours. You will notice that the two dudes in the car describing this UFO are talking about a cloud that is in the shape of a UFO. Can you say, "wake and bake"?

This next UFO video was shot at night over New Britain in the month of August of 2012. Honestly, I don't know what to make of what they saw, but the conversation between these two guys proves they've mastered the placement of the F-bomb in a sentence.

Video number 3 was taken in February of 2014 in Danbury. You will see a wobbling white light that might just be an alien spacecraft, but I really don't think so. I've read somewhere that drinking a case of Natty Ice on an empty stomach is the catalyst for making a so-called spaceship video.

This next supposed UFO video was shot in June of 2016, and is the most realistic of the five because it shows a crowd of water lovers at a Connecticut beach gawking at what they suspect is the real deal. Who's to say on this one?

Why would beings from another galaxy or solar system waste their time putting on a show for a bunch of weekend beach-goers? I suspect it was someone with an expensive state of the art drone attempting to scare the shit out of as many people as possible.

I'm curious to know your thoughts on these possible UFO sightings. Have you ever seen an unidentified flying object? Were you sober or trashed when you saw this flying saucer? Please comment at your earliest convenience. Thank you, or in Klingon, "qatlho!"

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