Summer is officially here so rev up those engines. It’s time to hit the highways with the ten greatest summer road trip songs in classic rock.

  • 10

    "Ramblin' Man" - The Allman Brothers Band

    As soon as that engine turns over this is the song you want to hear. The Allmans deliver some four-to-the floor power from the start and never look back. We're ready to hit the open road!

  • 9

    "Take It Easy" - The Eagles

    Who needs the air conditioner? Roll those windows down, feel the summer wind in your face. It's time to forget your troubles and take it easy.

  • 8

    "Radar Love" - Golden Earring

    Now we're starting to feel the need for speed and this Golden Earring classic is just the right song. One of the baddest bass lines in rock history.

  • 7

    "Running On Empty" - Jackson Browne

    The stresses of everyday life can make us feel like we're running on an empty tank. What better way to re-fuel with a summer road trip and Jackson Browne's "Running On Empty" blasting through the speakers?

  • 6

    "Call Me The Breeze" - Lynyrd Skynyrd

    We're already almost halfway through this list. If you don't feel like the breeze by now something just ain't right. Go ahead, give us a good ole' Southern rock whistle and let this sucker ride!

  • 5

    "Runnin' Down A Dream" - Tom Petty

    It's a beautiful day, the sun is beating down so turn the radio on and drive! Summer road trips are all about chasing your dreams so whaddaya waitin' for? You heard TP - Anything's possible!

  • 4

    "Rockin' Down The Highway" - The Doobie Brothers

    Hit cruise cruise control and let The Doobie Brothers rock you down the highway. Don't stop now, gotta keep movin'!

  • 3

    "Highway Star" - Deep Purple

    O.K. You had it in cruise control for The Doobie Brothers, now it's time to shift gears. Deep Purple's "Highway Star" is spilling over with adrenaline so let's get movin'!

  • 2

    "I Can't Drive 55" - Sammy Hagar

    The Red Rocker is like a little red Devil sitting on your shoulder saying, "Go faster man! Go FASTER!!!"

  • 1

    "Born To Be Wild" - Steppenwolf

    This is THE ultimate summer road trip song. We're cruising the highways with some serious heavy metal thunder. Everybody sing! "Booorn to be wiiiild!!!"

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