Today is the birthday of the The Deamon of Screamin', Steven Tyler. Now, it'd be easy to roll out another top ten "Best Of" Aerosmith list. Every rock fan knows how to "Walk This Way." We're all sweet on "Sweet Emotion," and who isn't down with "Love In An Elevator?"

In honor of Steven's birthday, however, we're going to dust off some rare toys from the attic. These are the ten Aerosmith deep tracks every rock fan should know.

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    "Outta Your Head" (2001)

    Aerosmith’s 2001 album Just Push Play isn’t on the top of many long-time Aerosmith fans’ lists, but it has its moments like this track. On “Outta Your Head” the band experiments with an industrial beat while Steven brings his cool cat-scat skills to the party.

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    "Beautiful" (2012)

    Aerosmith returned in 2012 with Music From Another Dimension, and “Beautiful” is the latest addition to the hidden gems from the band’s catalog. Steven proved that he was among the few singers in their 60s who could still bring it, and does he ever on this song.

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    "Get A Grip" (1993)

    By 1993 Aerosmith was back on top with hit after hit on the radio and MTV. Steven and the boys proved they were still more than just a singles band, however, with songs like this one.

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    "My Girl" (1989)

    I remember buying Pump on cassette in the winter of my senior year at high school. I would go on long car rides listening to this album from front to back. There isn't a week track on the album. "My Girl" is the first, but not the last, deep track from the album to make this list.

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    "One Way Street" (1973)

    Aerosmith’s debut album took a while to take off. Thanks to “Dream On” eventually becoming a hit, the album finally got its wings, and songs like “One Way Street” got more turns on the turntable at high school parties.

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    "Lick And A Promise" (1976)

    It’s dirty, it’s aggressive, it’s old-school Aerosmith at their finest. This is when Steven and the band are in "the zone".

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    "St. John" (1987)

    Aerosmith pulled off one of the biggest comebacks in rock history with the Permanent Vacation album thanks to the massively successful singles “Angel”, “Dude (Looks Like A Lady)”, and “Rag Doll”. But there's more to the album than the singles. There are plenty of reasons to dig deeper and here is one of ’em: “St. John”.

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    "Uncle Salty" (1975)

    Toys In The Attic had plenty of radio airplay with songs like “Walk This Way” and “Sweet Emotion” but the deep tracks are just as good. “Uncle Salty” has an amazing hook. It’s a sunny day outside my window no matter what the weather whenever I hear this classic.

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    "Adam's Apple" (1975)

    There are many toys in Toys In The Attic to play with and here’s another one that rips through the speakers with a killer riff from Joe Perry. Steven’s raspy vocals sound even better with a little vinyl record crackle underneath. Drop the needle on this bad boy!

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    "Hoodoo/Voodoo Medicine Man" (1989)

    Steven has said he has Cherokee blood running through his veins, and you hear it on the haunting opening to "Hoodoo Voodoo Medicine Man". The sounds of Indians chanting in the background while Steven speaks in a trance-like state: "I was left as a child dragged from the cradle, I was weaned in the wild. Ran with the wolf pack, flesh torn to shreds in the compensations, I was left there for dead". Chills up and down my spine on what is hands down my favorite Aerosmith deep track.

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