The basic definition of Synchronicity is when different people predict the exact same event before it occurs with no explanation as to why.

If Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland saw what was coming in the summer of 1983 then they may very well be from another world. One thing is for sure, they were most definitely kings of this world.

It was 31 years ago this week (7/23/1983) that The Police reached the top of the charts with their fifth and final studio album Synchronicity. It would stay there for an astounding seventeen weeks.

Synchronicity has reserved a special place in my rock ‘n’ roll heart since it’s the very first album I bought. I was 12 years old and my mother drove me to Caldor’s to buy the album with my paper route money. I took it home and listened to it front to back while studying the inner sleeve, the front cover, the back cover, the photos, the whole damn thing.

What amazes me about this album is the way it’s continued to entertain me 31 years later. At the age of 12 I had no clue what lyrics like “If we share this nightmare then we can dream Spiritus Mundi” meant. Spiritus Mundi? Hah? What?

All that grabbed my 12-year old mind was the music and the videos. Ah yes, the videos. Sting dancing around in a roomfull of candles in “Wrapped Around Your Finger” or the band performing “Synchronicity II” in some Mad Max-like waste site. It was more than enough for me to decide that the first album I was going to spend my heard-earned money on was Synchronicity.

Three decades later I still go back to the album. The songs have gone from vinyl to cassette and now as an mp3 on my phone. I listen to the songs, I read the lyrics and I dig deeper into the words that continue to fascinate.

Since I’m going to make you Police fans pick your favorite song from this album it’s only fair I do the same and this is not an easy choice. At the end of the day (or album), I’d have to pick “Synchronicity II” as my #1 pick. Sting with his vicious vocals, guitarist Andy Summers creating the dark, treacherous vibe which sounds as mysterious and ominous as the Loch Ness Monster himself. Then there’s Stewart Copeland. The man is unreal on the skins. Pounding away like a beast while tapping across the symbols like a magician. It’s the perfect rock ‘n’ roll song.

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