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That is what we yell on the Ethan and Lou Show when it's time to party and that is precisely what Danbury will be doing June 4. The streets of the Hat City will be transformed into a pedestrian party for the Danbury Street Festival that day and evening.

According to a press release from City Center Danbury, the Street Festival will take place from noon-6 pm on June 4th. In the place of the normal traffic, there will be over 50 artists and vendors that line the roadway that day, highlighting the arts, music, crafters, and local small businesses. This event is free to the public and will be a lot of fun for kids thanks to the "Family Fun Zone", courtesy of Macaroni Kid & Ventura Law.

Don't ruin your appetite before coming to the street festival because there will be BBQ, burgers, hot dogs, vegan options, tacos, drinks, deserts, and a whole lot more. El Taco Loco will be on scene, as will El Puesito, Twins BBQ,  Weinie Lynn’s, and LesserEvil.

The party does not end at 6 pm, it moves to the Green for the kickoff of the Concert on the Green music seriesCity Center Manager Laz Chavez had this to say of the upcoming festival:

“We are very fortunate to have a dedicated team of volunteers to assist in putting this together, while helping the restoration of Downtown Danbury.  Events like the Danbury Street Festival showcase our city and demonstrate the value of having a cultural hub in the heart of Danbury."

Main Street will be off limits to cars that day between White Street and West Street from 9 am - 7 pm and parking will be available at the Patriot Garage. Get more information at or go to our website at or contact CityCenter Danbury at (203)792-1711.

P.S. There will be beer and wine will be available in the outdoor alcove located at the Bardo Walkway. I've been waiting for an event like this, since I moved Downtown over a year ago.

Rarely Seen Corners of Danbury

If you've lived here your whole life you probably know most of these places but I am willing to bet even the most grizzled Danbury vet will see something, they have never seen before. Some are wonderful, some historic and others are just places where trash gets thrown, these are some of the Rarely Seen Corners of Danbury.

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Given Danbury’s location, and its vitality during the American Revolution, there are historic structures, places and markings wherever you go. Sometimes these places can get overlooked, part of a landscape we pass on the way to the store, or to work. The Little Red Chapel is one of those places that locals are lucky enough to see, as often as they’d like. But It’s become a place, we now take for granted. In its day, it’s size may have been the only thing that made it standout but in 2022, it’s deliciously out-of-place. 

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