I can't remember exactly when the Smirnoff Ice challenge was first a thing, but I know I was young enough that I thought it was cool. So let's say it was 15 years ago that college-aged kids first started doing it.

It's a simple concept. someone presents you with a full bottle of Smirnoff Ice, you have to then take it, take a knee, and drink the whole thing. It's stupid and young people love stupid things so it's a marriage made in heaven.


I saw this the other day at a party I attended. The young people were standing in their young people section, exchanging stupid young people ideas and someone ran up with a Smirnoff Ice. I watched as the young man took the bottle, dropped to one knee and drank the devil syrup down. It took me back in time to when my life was WAY more simple and not that rewarding.

This type of trend really highlights was is so unique about being a young person in America. It's a time when you are old enough to make your own decisions, you are responsible for only your actions, you have the free time to think up dopey activities, you have some money in your pocket and nothing on your body hurts yet.

After seeing this take place, I was both grateful that I had that time in my life and glad it's over. I made the mistake of trying to relive those years a few years back. That was regrettable, and I'm glad I got out before it got real weird looking. No one wants to be the 40-year-old guy at the party doing the Smirnoff Ice challenge. Don't be that guy.

Here's a clever and classy "icing" that took place at a wedding.

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