Do you enjoy people watching? According to, people watching is the act of observing people and their interactions while picking up on their mannerisms, speech, and body language, etc, while trying to guess that person's story.

Who needs a cell phone for distraction, we live in Connecticut. We are surrounded by diversity, and lots of disposable income. I love watching families have fun, or a lonely soul searching out a friendly face that smiles back at them. I've killed thousands of hours sitting back watching people. I find it endlessly entertaining, so I've come up with six of my favorite places around Connecticut to people watch, I think you will too.

The Six Best Spots to "People Watch' In Connecticut

I can kill two hours by just sitting back and watching humanity walk by. Are you a fan of people watching? I am, I love observing different cultures and their mannerisms, clothing and style, and oh the facial hair out there. Here are my six favorite spots in Connecticut to take a seat and watch people as they pass by.

Gallery Credit: Google/Large Dave

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