This interview with "The President" (JL Cauvin) Donald John Trump was recorded on 8/24/20 with the Ethan and Lou Morning Show. It was less of an interview and more of a feature of a great American talent, one of our greatest American talents, one of our best people, we know people, we have the best people, this is a people, JL Cauvin called the Ethan and Lou Show as Donald Trump.

Among other things, (JL) POTUS thinks he won the HBO Axios interview.

I really should have asked JJ if he teaches impressionist classes. I've been practicing my Trump for years and I'm getting nowhere. I've had to shelve some really brilliant comedy because of this.

We didn't do him any favors here,I felt bad for JL, he had to start his routine like three times. Ethan kept hitting the wrong button and we could not hear him. It was like three starts, stops and then a brand new start all over again.

It's like "dry humping" a relief pitcher, yes that is a real thing. This is when they get the guy up in the bullpen again and again to warm up his arm and never end up using him. OK, it's nothing like that, I just wanted to tell you about "dry humping."

God Bless the Yosemites and JL Cauvin. Buy the album "Fireside Craps: The Deuce" now on Amazon. If you don't buy the album you will probably get the 'Jina Virus.'

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Now we just need to find a Kimberly Guilfoyle impressionist to recreate that unhinged speech she did last night at the Republican National Convention.

Basically any "Karen" in a shout fest on an airplane will suffice.

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