Last night's game between the Steelers and Patriots was exhibit #1,000 in a case AGAINST the wording of the NFL touchdown rule.

Yes, the fact that the Patriots benefited from it is part of why I am EXTRA mad, but enough is enough. Here is the play in question:

Your eyes will deceive you every single time, the way this rule is set up. At some point, common sense needs to take the wheel and the rule needs to be changed. Teams are getting burned left and right by this rule.

Years ago, this was never a problem. It is now. It's a huge problem. I am willing to bet that this coming post season will be tarnished by this rule. Some team is going to make a huge play to WIN THE GAME, and it will be overturned because of the way this rule is worded. We can only hope it's the Patriots who are on the losing end of it this time around.

P.S. — I tried finding a decent, understandable copy of the language of the rule to share with you. There is not one. It's pages and pages, sections and sub sections. I do know that the wording of it does mean last night's play was not a TD. We are all grown ups though, and that was a TD. 

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