The New York Yankees are on a 5 game winning streak. They are doing it without Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Giancarlo Stanton, Didi Gregorious, Luis Severino and many others. How are the real "Baby Bombers" doing it?

They are getting the job done with contributions from guys who most think are not everyday players in New York. Clint Frazier and Luke Voit have been huge for the Bombers. Mike Ford even got in on the act last night with a home run to back up the two hit by Luke Voit. Who is Mike Ford? EXACTLY.

Who cares who Mike Ford is, who cares if these are not the guys you would hope would be in the lineup. For now, the people who are playing baseball, are doing their jobs. I'd love to see Judge in the lineup, love to see Sanchez and Stanton.

Those guys are not here, the real "Baby Bombers" are here and doing just fine. If this is a reminder of anything, it's that this game we love so much, baseball, is now, more than ever, a young man's game.

Do work young men, do work. We need to capitalize on the Red Sox playing like dog meat while it is happening.

P.S. - I've been saying it for awhile now. Clint is one of my guys, has been since day one. I'm tired of hearing about using him as trade bait. The guy is here and playing while the Walking Dead are on the bench. When they come back, let him D.H. or send him back down but he has to be the heir apparent to Brett Gardner.

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