I'm all for letting lose, and I totally get the need for speed, but there's a time and place for it. Risking other peoples lives on the highway is not cool, guys.

We all have the right to be out on the roadways -- taking in a beautiful day, enjoying when the weather finally gets nice. I have no problem at all when a group of motorcycles head down the highway all together. I'm not going to lie, it does make me nervous, but not for me, I get nervous for them. I hang farther back and I know I get more aware of my surroundings.

But there are moments when I shake my head at stupidity. Twice last year, on my commute home on I-84, I was passed by a motorcycle going at a high rate of speed with a vehicle hot on the motorcyclist's heels. The motorcycle launched into a clutch wheelie that he maintained for a long tiime, while a person in the car videoed him. I'm sure the dude on the motorcycle was wicked proud of himself and put the video on YouTube.

All I kept thinking was, "You're going to kill yourself or someone else. Take your stunt to a closed area."

The stupidity was in full force in Connecticut over the weekend. State Police, Troop G got numerous 911 calls reporting a group of approximately 18 motorcycles operating recklessly on Interstate 95.

To that end the Connecticut State Police Facebook page is not only reminding everyone about motorcycle safety, they're also sharing a report about extreme reckless operation of motorcycles. Here's the account from their Facebook page:

Please, for the love of God, heed their warning.


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