The NBA season is underway! Lebron James caught his own miss and put up another shot to capture a 103-101 win for the Lakers over the Clippers in the Orlando NBA bubble. The bubble has been an overall success so far, but that's not say they haven't been some breaches.

On July 12, Instagram model Ana Maya claimed she was invited into the bubble days after it opened according to the NY Post. 

Then last week, the Post reported NBA player Lou Williams was spotted in an Atlanta strip club. Williams was given an excused absence from the bubble to attend a funeral and after it was over, he went to the gentleman's club known as Magic City.

All in all, it could have been worse. How do you keep millionaire playboys from doing what they want? That's what they said and despite the concerns from the league and fans, the players have pretty much followed the rules.

However, when I woke up this morning and watched last night's highlights of the game, it looked like there were way more people in the building than needed to be. What constitutes "essential personnel" on a basketball team or "essential personnel" to have a game?

My opinion, the players, the head coach, the refs, the score keeper and one set of broadcasters. That's all you need to pull this thing off. I saw a lot of people running around with towels and water, some dudes doing nothing. We didn't need as many people as I saw. If you pack the granola bars for the players, you might have to sit the next few years out. They can get their own snacks.

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