Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont addressed the legislature on Wednesday (1/4/23).

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Lamont was delivering his State of the State and addressed the health of the CT economy, saying the state could afford "a meaningful middle-class tax cut." 

Photo: Aurora Photography
Photo: Aurora Photography

We spoke to Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito the day after Governor Lamont's speech. We read him the Governor's remarks and asked him two questions.

Do you agree the state can afford a tax cut for the middle class?

"If the state is able to give us a tax cut, because that's what many of us are (middle-class) here in the City of Danbury, I applaud their efforts. Anything that helps our citizens here in Danbury, myself and yourself, with a tax cut is very positive for us."

Is it likely to happen?

You can listen to his answer in the audio file below

The tax break would be great for the whole state, not just Danbury. However, these things impact each community differently and Danbury sends a lot of money to Hartford.

Hopefully, this can work and if it can, I have a suggestion. They can start by eliminating the car taxes. I despise that I have to pay a tax to drive a car in this state. I've considered moving out just because of that.

Not only do you have to pay taxes to drive your cars but then you have to take it for the emissions test. They charge you for the test and if your vehicle fails, you then have to have the parts in question replaced and prove you did to keep your registration. This state has a lot of problems but the most glaring ones have to do with automobiles and automobile travel.

This is the Connecticut car life:

  • Car Tax(es)
  • Emissions Tests
  • Potholes everywhere
  • Crumbling bridges
  • Terrible traffic
  • Insane Gas Prices
  • Stolen Catalytic Converters
  • Terrible mass transit options

Did I miss anything?


Driving used to be fun, what happened?

Taxes are not all we spoke about on the I-95 Morning Show. We also spoke to the Mayor about affordable housing, the recreational pot shop delay and his favorite XMAS gift. Listen to our entire interview below.

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