Adam Gase is the Head Football coach of the New York Jets. He is bad at his job, it's fair to say he knows little to nothing about football. In his first year with the Jets, Gase went 7-9. 2020 is his second year with the team and they are 0-6 and they have not come close to a victory. That makes him 7-15 as the big boss. Not only that, but the team has run off anyone, with any semblance of talent.

These are the many faces of the biggest joke in the NFL.

Everyday that the Jets go without firing this man is another day that they tell their fans they do not care about them. They have no organization, no process and no method. The Jets are currently the biggest punchline in pro sports and that is saying a lot.

It wasn't all that long ago that I declared I could run this team better, I was not kidding then and I am not now when I tell you I'd have at least two wins this season.

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