Vinny's Deli in Pawling, just recently featured on the Food Network's Guilty Pleasures has done it again!

Vinny's is an olde world style Italian deli and a 29-year institution on Main Street in Pawling, NY. Owner, Vinny Lamorte, has the magic touch when it comes to authentic Italian food and the sauces that go on it.

His already famous, Daryl's House Marina Sauce is shipped all over the world and now, Pawling residents are celebrating in the streets with the announcement of his new Vinny's Fra Diavolo sauce that can be purchased by the bottle.

According to an article in the Putnam Daily Voice, Vinny can't make his sassy new Fra Diavolo sauce fast enough. The sauce sells out immediately, with some customers buying up as many bottles as they can carry. What's the secret? Lamorte told the Daily Voice:

I really enjoy hot spicy sauce, so I played around with it, came up with a flavor.

Don't be surprised if you see Vinny pouring the sauce into bottles right from the stove top.

Don't even get me started with his signature delicacy, Vinny's Famous Steak Margarita Sandwich, which is what was featured on the Food Network's Guilty Pleasures. It's to die for!

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