This thing was similar to ALL things like it, tons of hype and not one cool thing about it.

First, I had to listen to people tell me all week not to look at the sun. Now, if you are not familiar with my work, you may not know that I do not like being told what to do.

Sure, what people were telling me was in my best interest, but that, to me, is irrelevant. I just don't like being told what to do and what not to do. So, yeah, I looked up. What did I see? Nothing. It was overcast and I could not find the sun. I know I saw it the day before, so that was curious to me.

Then, after my wife yelled at me for staring up into the sky, I went inside and sat down next to my favorite window. I figured, at least I can see the Earth go dark in the middle of the day and that might be kind of cool. When that was supposed to happen, it did not.

This eclipse was terrible all the way around, and I don't like it. I give it 0 stars out of 5. I give this eclipse two thumbs down. I am not a fan and I gave this eclipse a terrible YELP review. What a let-down. I am so glad I did not run out and buy all the crap they told us to so we could see it. Do better next time, Planet Earth.

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