Okay, calling this weekend's weather a snowstorm might be an over-exaggeration.

After reading two reliable snow predictions from Accuweather and Weather.com, I have come to the conclusion that this snow event is what I call a "mini-storm." Weather.com's forecast for Danbury is as follows:

Periods of snow on Saturday afternoon with a high of 33 and 1 to 3 inches of snow is predicted. Saturday night - rain and snow in the evening which will change to all rain and showers overnight. Expect another 1" of accumulation.

This is not one of those, "Let's panic and buy 4 gallons of milk and 10 loaves of bread" type of storms. It could get slippery if you need to be out driving around after midnight. Optimal sledding conditions could begin mid to late afternoon on Saturday as the snow begins to accumulate.

You may want to shovel, snow blow, or call your plow guy because the temperatures will rest between the upper-20s to the mid-30s all of next week. You're welcome.

Happy Snow Creature at the Sherman School - Ethan Photo
Happy Snow Creature at the Sherman School - Ethan Photo
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