This pile of junk is all that is left of the holidays, about to be shoved into a corner of our shed. That is it and that is all. It kind of makes you wonder if the money and time were worth it?

Sure, it's good to see family and friends. It's especially nice to see the ones from out of town that you never see, assuming they don't stay too long. The rest to me though is time and money wasted.

At this point after all the money we spent, my kids have honed in on the one gift from Christmas they care about, which is the Nintendo Wii U. The rest are in a toy box, under their bed, broken or lost already.

The hours of discussion about what to get everyone and how to get it to them are just hours lost. The wrapping paper, the bows, the lights, the tree, all that crap is dead and gone.

We all know that most of it was a waste of time and money. We all know next year it will all boil down to a few boxes and a bag that need to be put away in the shed. We will all do it again, the exact way we did it this year. We are stupid and this exercise is proof.

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