From fighting fires to helping out a dog in need, the men and women of the Danbury Fire Department does what it takes.

According to the Danbury Fire Department's Facebook page, the call came in from 51 Main Street, a dog in distress, and Squad 1 responds immediately. Somehow a dog had gotten his paw stuck in a bathtub drain and could not free itself. Engine Company 22 raced to the scene to find a dog named Max in a tough situation.

Squad 1 work on Freeing Max from a Tub Drain
Squad 1 work on Freeing Max from a Tub Drain

While the owner gently held onto Max, Squad 1 responders used a Dremel tool to cautiously remove the plumbing parts from Max's paw. Before long, Max was freed and his owner was incredibly grateful. Another great job done by the Danbury Fire Department! Actor Denis Leary once said,

"Firefighters are some of the most selfless public servants you will ever encounter."

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