I love watching nature shows where some "expert" tells you it's OK for a wild animal to be held in captivity. I just laugh because it's not OK and anyone with a brain knows it. The animals know it's not OK and every few years they give us a gentle reminder. This video of a Russian circus is making the rounds right now because the animals said enough!

That's a fun family event. Pack the kids in the mini van, get some ice cream, get some popcorn, watch the high wire act and see a man in yoga pants get mauled to death. "Oh look kids, he's not dead! Those other men with sticks are going to kill the animal instead. Everything is OK."

Is any of this worth it? The zoo, the circus all suck and cost way too much money. Then you go and take your seat and watch a Russian twink get tossed around the cage like a rag doll with your tiny little children watching the whole thing. Good times. I'll have the family day with a side of emotional trauma please.

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