If someone asked you, "Should cell phones be allowed or banned in Connecticut classrooms," how would you answer? I asked that question on my Facebook page and received the following answers.

** Jay C. (New Fairfield) - "Well, on the one hand, they're a distraction. On the other, they can aid in cheating. No good hands. So, no."

** Brenda M. - If they are, they should be put away out of sight…how can anyone concentrate on a class if their phone is in their face?!

** Joe N. - There's no good reason to need a phone in the classroom. Kids should be paying attention; they might learn something to help them become functional adults.

** Teresa K. - You need to be locked up during class. Not at students' desks. Handy for emergencies.

** Lisa K. - Nope! It should not even be in the school building! Kids need to learn to socialize- face to face, upfront, and in person!!!

** Lisa W. - No

** Margaret F. - No, not at all.

** Rick G. - Of course not!

** Ron S. - Ron See - Cell phones are the number one distraction in the world. People walk down sidewalks across streets, whether have you looking at their cell phones or not looking at their surroundings. Cell phones should not be allowed in schools during the day during school hours.

There is no blanket policy concerning cell phones that covers all schools in Connecticut. Instead, each school district is allowed to make its policy.

According to ctpublic.org, in April 2022, Torrington Public Schools were the first public school district in the state to require students to lock away their phones during class. Students must lock their cell phones in a pouch until the end of the day. The ruling created quite an uproar.

According to fox61.com, in May of 2022, Branford High School also began cracking down on cell phone use as it became the latest school district to take a stance on electronic devices during the school day. Unfortunately, the new policy is quite unpopular with Branford students.

The proof of how a cell phone in the classroom affects student performance can be seen in this YouTube video titled "There's a Cell Phone in Your Student's Head," produced by Edutopia.

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