Yesterday Gary Sanchez broke out of his big slump and hit a home run. Aaron Judge hit his first home run of the year yesterday and Giancarlo Stanton bounced back from his Yankee Stadium debut with a HR of his own.

This is what we Yankee fans have been waiting for. We were waiting to see the "game on paper" come to the field. They all did their thing yesterday. It was really great to watch. This young, exciting team is almost too fun to watch.

I realized something though while I was holding my own preemptive World Series parade in my home. This lineup is going to be infuriating on the days where all the bats go to sleep.

I think they will make the playoffs, I think they have the tools for a deep run and we see what happens. That's all well and good but I'm going to watch probably 90 percent of the schedule this year and the days where THIS lineup cannot hit a baseball are going to drive me mad.

P.S. #1 - Did not take Giancarlo Stanton very long to get back in the good graces of the Yankee fans and erase all the booing. 
P.S. #2 - In case me writing about the Yankees everyday here and talking about the Yankees on the Ethan and Lou show was not a dead giveaway let me tell you I am obsessed with this team. 

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